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About Us

Dear Student,

We welcome you to Swar Mahila Mahavidyalaya Swar. We are extremely pleased that you have chosen to pursue your professional studies at this premier Mahavidyalaya which is one of the best in Rampur City.

In academics you will be guided by experienced and dedicated faculty for students there is a qualified teacher. Please meet them regularly and interact with them outside class hours. They are trained to help students resolve both academic and personal difficulties. In addition, every class has a Faculty Advisor and every student is assigned a Mentor to enable you to improve your performance in Mahavidyalaya.

We acknowledge that technical education demands both: self-discipline and diligence, as well as emotional balance and well-being. Therefore, the college has a qualified, resident Campus Counsellor and Campus Minister to assist students and the Swar Mahila Mahavidyalaya Swar provides place for solitude, meditation and prayer.

The motto that we uphold is Service and Excellence. We expect and encourage you to imbibe these values during your stay on campus as they will play a pivotal role in helping you achieve success in your study and thereafter in your career.

Good luck for your studies!